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Class Schedules

Class space is limited and subject to change if enrollment merits. Classes may be added or subtracted as enrollment merits. Minimum enrollment must be met or class may be rescheduled. Dates may change when class schedule is finalized.

Classes are approximate start dates, approximate end dates. Actual class dates/times are set approximately 15 days prior to the start of the class after consideration of student and facility schedules. Call for future dates of classes not listed below. 

Select Class# for detailed schedule of class times. These schedules may change to accommodate student & facility conflicts as they arise. If attending a make up session please call in advance to confirm date and time.


Class#ANT0219    Starts 6/10/19       Ends 7/03/19
Class#ANT0319    Starts 7/15/19        Ends 8/07/19
Class#ANT0419     Starts 9/23/19        Ends 11/22/19
Class#ANT0519     Starts 12/30/19      Ends 2/25/20
Class#ANT0120     Starts 3/17/20        Ends 5/09/20

Note: The room has changed to Room 209. This may be moved back to Room 122 if summer school does not need it.


Class#ASH0219    Starts 7/15/19         Ends 8/05/19
Class#ASH0319     Starts 10/14/19       Ends 11/30/19
Class#ASH0120     Starts 1/13/20          Ends 2/27/20


Class#DRU0119      Starts 2/21/19         Ends 4/19/19
Class#DRU0219 Subject to enrollment

Classes/Dates set upon minimum enrollment.

Eagle River

Class# ER0219      Starts 7/01/19         Ends 7/23/19
Class# ER0319      Starts 9/09/19        Ends 10/30/19
Class# ER0419      Starts 11/11/19         Ends 1/03/19


Class#ELC0119  Classes set as needed.



 Classes set as needed.

Park Falls

Class# PF0219    Starts 6/03/19         Ends 6/21/19
Class# PF0319    Starts 7/01/19          Ends 7/22/19
Class# PF0419     Starts 9/09/19         Ends 10/31/19
Class# PF0120     Starts 1/02/20          Ends 2/21/20


Class# RHI0219   Starts 6/10/19          Ends 6/28/19
Class# RHI0319   Starts 7/22/19           Ends 8/09/19
Class# RHI0419    Starts 10/14/19         Ends 11/29/19
Class# RHI0120     Starts 1/02/20         Ends 2/23/20

Three Lakes

Classes set as needed.


Class# TOM0319      Starts 6/10/19         Ends 6/28/19
Class# TOM0419     Starts 7/08/19        Ends 7/26/19
Class# TOM0519      Starts 7/29/19         Ends 8/16/19
Class# TOM0619      Starts 9/09/19        Ends 10/31/19
Class# TOM0719       Starts 11/25/19       Ends 1/20 20
Class# TOM0120       Starts 2/03/20       Ends 3/31/20