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Class Schedules

Class space is limited and subject to change if enrollment merits. Classes may be added or subtracted as enrollment merits. Minimum enrollment must be met or class may be rescheduled. Dates may change when class schedule is finalized.

Classes are approximate start dates, approximate end dates. Actual class dates/times are set approximately 15 days prior to the start of the class after consideration of student and facility schedules.

We are currently taking enrollments for students with birth dates prior to 9/30/2008. If your student is younger than that please call to inquire about enrollment options in January of the year they will be turning 15.

Select Class # for detailed schedule of class times. These schedules may change to accommodate student & facility conflicts as they arise. If attending a make up session please call in advance to confirm date and time.

Please note our service area has changed to due staffing limitations.

Note: (Start and end dates sometimes change once the class is set and facility use is approved)

Class#ANT0124 Starts 1/2/2024 Ends 2/27/2024
Class#ANT0224 Starts 4/8/2024 Ends 5/28/2024
Class#ANT0324 Starts 6/10/2024 Ends 7/3/2024
Class#ANT0424 Starts 7/15/2024 Ends 8/19/2024
Class#ANT0524 Starts 10/14/2024 Ends 12/03/2024
Class#ANT0125 Starts 1/6/2025 Ends 2/25/2025


Class#TOM0124 Starts 1/3/2024 Ends 2/24/2024
Class#TOM0224 Starts 4/3/2024 Ends 5/22/2024
Class#TOM0324 Starts 6/10/2024 Ends 6/28/2024
Class#TOM0424 Starts 7/8/2024 Ends 7/26/2024
Class#TOM0524 Starts 9/16/2024 Ends 11/04/2024
Class#TOM0125 Starts 1/6/2025 Ends 2/28/2025